Distant Reiki-An experience

"When we brought our Ruby home (a 6-week-old Yorkshire Terrier), she fell ill. She was listless and wouldn’t eat. We immediately had her examined by our long time vet. She had a terrible respiratory infection and had to be hospitalized for four nights. As soon as she was well enough to bring home, she was on a labor-intensive regimen that involved nebulizer twice a day, antibiotics, etc., and our biggest concern was her appetite.

I called Anu immediately, as I had experienced the power of reiki before and knew it could help Ruby’s recovery. I took her to see Anu personally, and thus began her healing journey. Anu gave her daily reiki healing (remotely), and I must say that on that very first day, her appetite jumped through the roof! It was sudden and it did not abate. She was up and playing and eating and eliminating, everything a normal, healthy puppy would do. Although her blood work still showed a high white blood cell count, her basic functions were well in place, and I felt so much real, practical support from the reiki administered by Anu. Since then, her health has been steadily improving and now there’s just no keeping up with her.

We are extremely grateful to Anu for being such a clear vessel for the energy that is reiki, and for its having been brought to bear on our beloved puppy Ruby. Everyone is better for it.

Tina Lear

#love #gratitude #presence

Anu Butani