Meet Anu


Anu Butani is a Reiki Master & Instructor in Usui Shiki Ryoho system, a natural healing system founded by Mikao Usui in the early part of the the 1900’s. Reiki helps individuals release stress, relax and promote deep healing.

She is also a Certified ERYT Hatha Yoga Teacher since 2003 and leads classes in the Iyengar Style sequencing method of yoga based on individual student levels. Anu is a Certified Ayurveda Practitioner also, since 2013.

Her Reiki Journey started unknowingly in 2003, after she Certified as a Yoga teacher. She would give her yoga students some simple hand positions on their forehead and shoulders to help them relax deeply in Savasana (Rest pose). Her students looked forward to that grounding experience but as her classes started to grow in numbers, it became impossible for her to continue that “ritual.”

It was some 10 years later in 2013 that Reiki came back into her life. It was at a transit lounge of an airport, en route to India, that she saw the Reiki sign. Curious to learn more, she had her first hands on experience for 15 minutes with a Reiki Master from Sri Lanka. It changed something within her and soon after the search began. Upon return, she looked for a Reiki Master to have a session for a longer grounding experience. Her destiny brought her to finding her Reiki Master Teacher Brian Brunius based in New York City. Ever since, she has not looked back as it called her to move forward.

Anu took her First Degree Class in 2013 with her teacher Brian Brunius and started a small practice of treating her yoga students with Reiki, besides also doing Self Treatment. In 2014, she took her Second Degree Class. She felt the calling of becoming a Reiki Master and her Master journey began in 2015. IT came to completion in 2017.

Learn to become a 1st and 2nd degree Reiki Practitioner with Anu to help yourself heal with Self Treatment and others with hands-on Reiki to them.

Gratitude to Reiki Master Teacher Brian Brunius of NYC Reiki Center. The journey continues.


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