Distant Reiki Treatments


What is Distance Reiki Treatment?

Distance Reiki, also known as the “Absent Treatment,” provides Universal Life Force Energy to the person requesting it without being present. It is done remotely by providing Anu, Reiki Master with essential personal information such as a photo, a phone number, and address.

Time and Location

Distant treatment is given when the client is in a relaxed environment, usually at night at the time of sleep.


Permission from the client receiving the distant treatment is essential before it is sent.

 Additional treatments can be purchased for family members who are sick or for friends in hospitals or otherwise.

 Distant Treatments to Pets

Anu has also treated a few animals with distant treatment. There was a marked improvement in an older dog that suffered from a stroke. Reiki was sent to the pet instantly. He was able to get up and walk correctly. Read more on the blog.

  $20.00 per session

 A minimum of 5 consecutive distant treatments is recommended.